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How Will Value Be Impacted By Mercedes Emissions Scandal?


How Will Value Be Impacted By Mercedes Emissions Scandal?

Buying a high-end vehicle like a Mercedes comes with certain expectations. Marketed for performance and value, the Mercedes lineup is unique among the competition for its strong name recognition and correlation with quality. The diesel BlueTEC lineup carried this reputation forward while touting fuel economy and overall quality. However, now that these vehicles are the subject of a major governmental investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and were hit by a billion dollars in fines in Europe for another emissions scandal, and a class action case is looming over owners which will impact their rights to be fully compensated, your main focus should be on how this unfolding Mercedes emissions scandal can dramatically impact the value of your vehicle.

Here’s why:

–  A governmental investigation by the DOJ that concludes, as we expect, Mercedes’ BlueTEC vehicles are non-compliant with emission standards, will result in a recall to update the emissions software to make these vehicles emissions compliant as represented when sold. Any modification of this sort to the vehicle that impacts performance and resale value, which has historically been the case, can obviously impact ongoing reliability and general vehicle integrity that negatively affects market perception of value.

– Historically, software updates designed to correct excessive emissions have created a wide range of performance issues in the subject vehicles, including reduced performance and power, drops in MPGs, resale value and more.


By comparison, when owners opt out of the class action settlement at the heart of this Mercedes emissions scandal, they can instead pursue an individual claim for all the damages they deserve, including a buyback and more, including fraud, but based upon the original purchase price as opposed to the current market valuation. Critically important in such an individual opt out claim is that the owner remains in charge of their case, only settling for the value they believe is fair rather than being told the amount deserved by Mercedes and the class action lawyers paid by Mercedes.

This idea of remaining in charge of your claim is perhaps most important. Knowing you have control over the matter and remaining able to decide when a settlement meets your needs is far different than finding out you missed a critical opt out deadline and now must accept whatever class settlement was reached by Mercedes and the class action lawyers you’ll likely never meet or speak with. All of these circumstances amount to a powerful reason to take action now and consider the advantages of opting out, before you risk being stuck in a Mercedes emissions scandal class settlement that you may later disagree with.

Ultimately our firm believes in transparency and clarity. If you have questions about any of the issues discussed here or in any of our other emails, feel free to give us a call at (844) 808-7529 or set a time to speak with us by visiting Otherwise, if you are ready to complete your intake process now, click here. The time to take action, though, is now as we feel the government’s investigation of Mercedes could conclude at any time, creating a short timeline for opting out to preserve your rights to be fully compensated at a moment’s notice. Don’t let this Mercedes emissions scandal harm your vehicle value and performance – contact us today!

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