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Dodge Challenger (2015, 2017)

Dodge Challenger (2015, 2017)
2015 Model: November 24, 2014, February 27, 2015, May 13, 2015, July 23, 2015 | 2017 Model: July 7, 2017, August 8, 2017
Dodge Challenger (2015, 2017)

With more than 60,000 vehicles sold annually, the Dodge Challenger is one of the top-selling U.S. sport compact cars. Unfortunately, several safety complaints have been reported regarding this vehicle. If you own a 2015 or 2017 Dodge Challenger, you need to be aware of recent recalls that have been issued for your vehicle.

Manufacturer: Dodge

Model: Challenger

Recall Dates:

  • 2015 Model: November 24, 2014, February 27, 2015, May 13, 2015, July 23, 2015
  • 2017 Model: July 7, 2017, August 8, 2017


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the 2015 Dodge Challenger is currently subject to four recalls, while the 2017 Dodge Challenger is subject to two recalls. The specific problems with these vehicles are as follows:


2015 Dodge Challenger


  • Inoperative instrument clusters: Should your Dodge Challenger’s instrument cluster become inoperative, the risk of an accident will increase dramatically.
  • Damaged fuel rail hose connection: This type of fuel leak has the potential to lead to a fire near the engine or near the ignition source of the vehicle.
  • Driver’s side airbag bolt loose/missing: The defect may prevent the driver’s side airbag from inflating properly, potentially increasing an occupant’s injury risk, especially in the event of a rollover crash.  
  • Major radio software security vulnerabilities: The 2015 Dodge Challenger’s radio security flaws make the vehicle vulnerable to unauthorized remote access, raising the risk of an accident.



2017 Dodge Challenger


  • Transmission may not remain in park: Issues with the transmission causes some 2017 Dodge Challengers to roll away when the vehicle is put into park.  
  • Oil leak due to engine cooler hose separation: Should an oil line fail, an oil leak can lead to a major fire.




Consequences: The safety problems with the 2015 and 2017 versions of the Dodge Challenger must be taken seriously. If left unaddressed, you and your family could be put at significant risk. The software problems with these vehicles along with the fuel and oil hose issues could lead to major, potentially life-endangering accidents.


The Solution: If you own a 2015 Dodge Challenger or a 2017 Dodge Challenger, you should have received a recall notice from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the parent company of Dodge. This notification should provide specific instructions on how to get your vehicle repaired. All recall-related repairs should be made free of charge. Our lemon law attorneys can help you seek full compensation for your damages.

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