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Ford Focus RS Gasket Issue

Ford Motor Company
Jan. 23, 2018
Ford Motor Company

Owners of 2016-2017 Ford Focus RS vehicles have been warned that there may be a serious issue with the head gasket on these vehicles. After reports of white smoke at engine startup and gasket failures, Ford issued the following statement: “Owners of 2016-17 Focus RS vehicles are being offered a free inspection and repair, regardless of warranty or mileage status, for concerns of white exhaust smoke and/or coolant consumption stemming from an issue with cylinder head gaskets. Ford dealers will test the cooling system, replace the cylinder head gasket and may replace the cylinder head, as required, at no cost to the customer."

While at first, many people believed that there was probably an issue with the design of the gasket, according to industry reports from AutoWeek and others, the gasket issues may actually stem from the automaker using the wrong part. According to the reports, Ford may have used the head gaskets from the Mustang 2.3-liter Eco Boost engines in the Ford Focus RS engines. While the two engines are essentially the same, there are major differences between the two that require the use of different parts, especially when it comes to horsepower. The small, but critical differences between the two engines and the stresses, heat, and loads they are required to handle mean that not all of the parts – including head gaskets – are interchangeable.

Lawsuit Subject: Consumers have a right to expect that the cars they purchase are free from serious defects and that the automaker has used the correct parts when assembling the vehicle. If Ford Motor Company failed to use the correct head gasket for its 2016-2017 Focus RS vehicles, owners might be eligible to hold the automaker accountable for its mistake.


A failed or “blown” head gasket can cause coolant spraying or leakage in the engine compartment, the engine may overheat, or you may notice white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. Replacing a head gasket can be quite costly for vehicle owners, and if this issue occurred due to an incorrect part in the vehicle, the owner should not have to pay for the replacement of the incorrect part.


If you purchased a 2016-2017 Ford Focus RS and believe that your head gasket issue may have been caused by the installation of an incorrect part, contact the Lemon Lawyers of Stern Law, PLLC today. We help vehicle owners who have leased or purchased vehicles with manufacturer issues get the relief they qualify for under state lemon laws. If Ford fails to do the right thing and correct the issue with your vehicle, you should not have to suffer the consequences. Call an experienced Lemon Law attorney at (844) 808-7529 to discuss your rights and your legal options today.


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