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Ford Fusion – Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company
March 27, 2017; December 5, 2016; April 28, 2015; April 24, 2015; November 18, 2014; September 26, 2014; and April 2, 2014
Ford Motor Company

Once again, Ford Motor Company is facing potential losses over its recent problems involving its 2014 Ford Fusions. There are currently a whopping eight recalls listed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for the 2014 Ford Fusion HEV 4 DR, with problems ranging from leaking engine cylinder heads to loss of power steering and more.

If you are the owner of a 2014 Ford Fusion, here is what you need to know about the main problems with these vehicles and steps to take next.

Recall Subject: 2014 Ford Fusion HEV 4 DR


There are currently eight recalls listed by the NHTSA for the 2014 Ford Fusion. A summary of each of the eight recall issues follows:

  • Leaking engine cylinder head. Consumers have complained that the engine cylinder heads on the vehicles may leak oil, creating a risk of fire.
  • Doors that open unexpectedly. Imagine driving only to have your door fly open without warning - that’s exactly the issue with some of the 2014 Ford Fusions.
  • Defective seatbelts. Another recall was issued due to worries that front seatbelts may be defective in the vehicles, and therefore may not restrain occupants as intended.
  • No power steering. Reports have been filed that vehicles may lose power steering assist as a result of corrosion of bolts in the power steering gear motor, which could increase the risk of an accident. (There have been two separate recalls issued regarding this problem).
  • Ability to remove key when the vehicle is not in park. The keys in most vehicles can only be removed if the vehicle is in park. However, with the 2014 Ford Fusion, this is not the case, which may lead the vehicle owner to believe that the vehicle is indeed in park when it is not, creating the risk of the vehicle rolling and crashing.
  • Defective airbags. A problem with the vehicles’ circuiting could cause airbags to fail to deploy as they are intended to, leading to more significant injuries in the event of a crash.
  • Defective seats. Finally, NHTSA reports that seatbacks may loosen while being used, which could increase the risk of injury in a crash.

The consequences of all of the defects above include potential injury to person or/and increased risk of property damage to the vehicle or to other parties.


When a recall is issued, the manufacturer has a legal obligation to contact all vehicle owners and provide them with instructions for seeking repairs. If you receive a recall notice in the mail from Ford Motor Company, you should follow instructions for repairs, and do so as soon as possible. If you are injured by one of the defects listed above, you may be able to file a lawsuit (or join a class action suit) against Ford Motor Company to recover compensation for your losses.


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