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Lemon Law Basics

Vehicles covered: New motor vehicles that were purchased or leased in California primarily for personal, family or household purposes. This includes dealer-owned vehicles, demonstrators and the chassis portion of motor homes. Vehicles with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs. or more, motorcycles and vehicles intended exclusively for off-road use are excluded.

Consumers covered: Anyone who purchases a covered vehicle from a dealership, anyone who leases a covered vehicle for at least a four-month term, anyone to whom a covered vehicle is transferred during the period of the written warranty, or anyone else entitled to enforce the written warranty.

Problems covered:Defects that are covered by the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty and substantially impair the use, market value or safety of the vehicle. Problems caused by the unauthorized or unreasonable use of the vehicle are excluded.

Coverage period: 18 months from the date of delivery or 18,000 miles of operation, whichever comes first.

Lemon law statute:California Civil Code § 1793.2 et seq.


  • Important Notice: Stern Law, PLLC is exclusively owned and controlled by attorney, Kenneth A. Stern, Esq. Mr. Stern is a lawyer in good standing and is licensed to practice law in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. In California, Mr. Stern is not admitted to practice law. However, Mr. Stern has been admitted pro hac vice, which enables him to temporarily practice before specific Courts in California for limited purposes, including certain Federal Courts in Los Angeles and San Francisco wherein Mr. Stern is also involved in representing certain clients with affiliated California lawyers in cases involving the Ford DPS6 PowerShift transmission (Los Angeles) and emissions issues affecting certain Fiat Chrysler EcoDiesel vehicles (San Francisco).  Mr. Stern anticipates seeking admission pro hac vice before the California Federal Court presiding over the Nissan CVT litigation when a consolidated, multi-district legal proceeding is formed, enabling him to temporarily practice in that Court for limited purposes with affiliated California lawyers.
  • Stern Law, PLLC may in certain circumstances, when permitted, with full disclosure, refer your Nissan CVT claim to another lawyer or law firm with whom Stern Law, PLLC will associate, affiliate or join as co-counsel and then, if and as permitted and/or required, participate in and/or accept responsibility for your legal matter, and share in the legal fees generated thereby.

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