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When you invest twenty-sixty thousand dollars (or more) in a motor vehicle like a car, truck, or SUV, a lemon can deprive you of the value of our investment. Defects can even make a vehicle impossible or unsafe to drive. Recent major defects have posed serious threats to consumer safety. GM ignition switches that rotate on their own to the off position, for example, can disable air bags and power steering. Takata exploding air bags that propel shrapnel at vehicle occupants also can make a vehicle unsafe to drive. Even aesthetic defects like paint peeling off a car can compromise the value of your vehicle.

Fight Back Using State Lemon Laws & Federal Warranty Law

Fortunately, consumers can fight back using state lemon laws and federal warranty law. These laws can provide a new vehicle, the return of the amount you paid for the vehicle, or a cash settlement. Experienced lemon law attorney Ken Stern offers a free case review, so that we can evaluate your situation and determine if you have a claim under state lemon laws, federal law, or another approach. We will also assess your situation to identify any requirements that need to be satisfied before you are eligible to pursue your lemon law claim. You might need to allow an additional repair opportunity or provide a last chance to cure the defect.

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If you wish to set up a free case review, we invite you to call Stern Law, PLLC by calling 844-808-7529 or submitting a case evaluation form. We will often ask for documents like repair orders from the auto dealer where you took the vehicle to be repaired. Ken also will want to look at your purchase or lease agreement. Lemon laws impose specific requirements about the number of repair attempts and the nature of the defects repaired during those visits. Ken Stern can advise you regarding steps to take to avoid compromising your chances of obtaining the compensation you are entitled to under state lemon laws or federal warranty law.

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