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Nissan Motor Company
July 27, 2017; June 13, 2016; and April 26, 2016
Nissan Motor Company

Nobody likes to think about the prospect of their vehicle being recalled for a safety defect, but that is exactly what 2016-2018 Infiniti Q50 owners and lessees are experiencing. These vehicles have been named in at least three recalls.


Recall Subject: 2016-2018 Infiniti Q50

Dates: July 27, 2017; June 13, 2016; and April 26, 2016

Manufacturer: Nissan Motor Company


Infiniti Q50s from model years 2016-2018 have been named in at least three separate recalls, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These recalls include:


  • Problems with the vehicles’ fuel pump control module software
  • Reduced steering ability due to software defects
  • Failure of passenger airbags to deploy


According to an article by Reuters, at least 60,000 of the vehicles were recalled in June 2016 for steering defects. The number of potential vehicles affected by the fuel pump control module software stall was nearly 14,200.


Lawsuit Subject: While no accidents or injuries have yet been reported as a result of the vehicles’ dangerous defects listed above, lawsuits could be filed if any accidents do occur as a result of the defects. Nissan has faced other lawsuits regarding the Infiniti Q50, with vehicle owners alleging that the InTouch systems within the cars do not work as advertised.


With three back-to-back recalls affecting the Infinity Q50, it is indisputable that the Nissan Motor Company must do a better job moving forward. When fuel pumps, steering, and airbag systems do not work as they should, drivers and occupants are at an increased risk of car accidents, and at an increased risk of serious injury should an accident occur.


The defects that are found in the Infiniti Q50 vehicles could be deadly if steering or fuel pump control is significantly impaired. Further, the failure of an airbag to deploy properly in the event that a driver is involved in an accident could be a fatal consequence.


If you are the owner of an Infiniti Q50 model year 2016, 2017, or 2018, you should receive a notice from Nissan informing you of the recalls and instructing you regarding what steps to take next. It is important that you follow these instructions and seek all necessary repairs immediately. These repairs should be performed free of charge. If they are not, contact us immediately.


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