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Michigan Lemon Law Overview


At Stern Law, PLLC, our experienced lemon law attorneys are committed to pursuing compensation for individuals who purchase or lease a vehicle with innate safety or mechanical problems that cannot be eliminated.  The basic purpose of lemon laws is to accomplish dual objectives:

  1. the removal of unsafe, defective vehicles from our roadways; and
  2. balancing the scales of justice for vehicle purchasers dealing with the deep pockets of vehicle manufacturers.

Because the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and the federal Magnuson Warranty Act provide remedies that are expensive and tentative, almost every state has enacted a lemon law.

These lemon laws, which are warranty enforcement statutes, extend important rights to vehicle owners that mitigate the cost, frustration, and emotional aggravation that lemon owners must endure.  A vehicle manufacturer can be liable for non-conformities in an engine under state lemon laws even if the vehicle’s warranty does not cover the engine.  While manufacturers are liable under state lemon laws, the dealers must be given a certain amount of time or chances to correct the problem.

Ken Stern has been representing consumers stuck with malfunctioning products, including defective and dangerous vehicles for over three decades.  Ken has devoted his career to fighting for individuals taking on large commercial parties who cause financial harm, physical injury, and even wrongful death involving products that are shoddily manufactured, improperly tested, unsafely designed, or improperly marketed.  If you bought an automobile, SUV, or truck that has persistent mechanical problems, Ken Stern’s expertise in lemon laws and related consumer protection laws could help you seek financial relief.

What Stern Law, PLLC Can Do for Lemon Victims

Michigan lemon law attorney Ken Stern has represented hundreds of lemon law victims throughout Michigan and the U.S.  While we often resolve claims quickly under the Michigan Lemon Law, Ken understands when other statutes like the Federal Statute referred to as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act provide a more appropriate remedy. At Stern Law, PLLC, we utilize over thirty years of experience to work on resolving your claim promptly while maximizing your recovery.  Some benefits of representation by Stern Law, PLLC in your lemon law case include:

No Cost for Legal Services

Some frustrated consumers return to the dealership time and time again because they feel they have no alternative.  This misconception frequently is based on concerns about incurring the expense involved in retaining legal representation.  However, most lemon laws, which include the Michigan Lemon Law, permit consumers to seek an attorney fee award from the vehicle manufacturer.  Ken’s record of success in pursuing lemon law claims enables him to take these cases with no upfront retainer.  Further, he handles claims involving lemons on a no recovery no fee basis.  Since a successful recovery will usually include an attorney fee award, owners of defective vehicles that cannot be repaired despite reasonable chances and time have nothing to lose by retaining Ken’s services.

Recover All of Your Investment

Ken can assist you in evaluating the best way to obtain the optimum results.  Our lemon law firm routinely represents clients under state lemon laws.  Ken strives to get all of his clients’ money back while getting the vehicle manufacturer to pay his clients’ attorney fees.

Preserve Your Right to Use the Vehicle

While you will not want to drive your car, truck, or SUV if the defects compromise vehicle safety, we can secure the right for you to use the vehicle while your legal claim is pending.  The compensation you receive could be your vehicle being repurchased or a monetary settlement. This recovery might include your trade-in value, down payment, monthly payments to date, and taxes.  A small usage fee might be deducted from this amount.

Key Facts Lemon Owners Need to Know

There are certain key facts that lemon owners need to know.  Ken Stern had highlighted some of those key facts below:

Who Is Entitled to Relief?  Although many people think only a vehicle owner can pursue a lemon law claim, some lemon laws, including the Michigan lemon law, protects consumers who lease an auto, truck, and SUV, as well as purchasers.

How Many Repair Attempts Are Required? A consumer can make use of the Michigan lemon law after the vehicle has been brought in to have the same problem fixed three times without success.

What If I Experience Constant Problems with My Vehicle But Cannot Meet the Three Visits for the Same Problem Requirement? Some lemons have a litany of problems, so the vehicle must be taken back for repairs many times but for different types of issues.  Michigan’s lemon law also authorizes relief if the vehicle has been in the shop for a total of thirty days in the first year it is owned or leased.

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