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What vehicles are covered by lemon laws?

While many state lemon laws are limited to new cars, light trucks (e.g. pickup trucks), and SUVs, the federal lemon laws will extend to other vehicles like boats, motorhomes, and ATVs, as well as used vehicles. Leased vehicles also...

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What do I do after the manufacturer has had a reasonable chance to repair the vehicle?

While the procedures differ some depending on the state, the Michigan Lemon Law is fairly typical. The owner of the vehicle must provide written notice by return receipt after the third repair attempt or 25 days after the vehicle...

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What documents do I need to pursue a lemon law claim against the manufacturer of my vehicle?

Consumers need to establish that the dealer has worked on the vehicle the requisite number of times or that the vehicle was out of service for the minimum number of days. Consumers need to ensure that service reports are...

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When can I give up on having the dealer or other authorized repair facility correct the issue with my vehicle?

While lemon laws vary depending on the jurisdiction, many states (including Michigan) allow the manufacturer four or more attempts for the same issue as long as the first attempt occurred within a year of delivery of the vehicle. The...

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Do state lemon laws cover leased vehicles?

Many states cover leased vehicles under their lemon law, but you should seek legal advice regarding the lemon law in your state. Even if your leased vehicle is not covered under your state’s lemon law, the federal lemon law...

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What is a lemon law?

Lemon laws, which exist in all fifty states and DC, define when a manufacturer of specified vehicles has breached its express (written) warranty. These laws specify the compensation that consumers are entitled to receive for breach of warranty. Lemon...

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